About Us


Our Mission

We're passionate about making quality products that exist in the same condition they would have in ancient times: natural, sustainable and untainted. Our undying enthusiasm for quality shines through in every product created. The apparel we make guaranteed to make you smile. The award-winning apparel is state of the art and truly one of a kind. 

Abut The Store

We know what you're thinking. "This is jus another typical store." We understand that. Instead of  us trying to convince you with words why we're so different, we let our products do the talking for us. In fact, our products are so distinct that each item is made to order with you in mind. We mix traditional styles with modern styles and you can easily browse our full collections of hoodies, and other accessories. 

Founded In 2018

We believe that the ancient tradition should be respected and passed on with the knowledge and understanding of how ancient products are made. Because if something is worth doing, it's worth doing right: sustainably and with great care for our customers and the environment. It all started when we felt the need that traditional style was missing modern mix and uniqueness. We made the Native Feather hoodie and the rest is history. 

One of the best comments we've ever heard has been "You all make hoodies that speak to people." Since we get this a lot, we have decided to concentrate our energy in producing great designs that everyone loves and offer them at the lowest reasonable price. 

We enjoy wearing clothes that tell a story and make people smile, so we want to share the joy with everyone. 

We Love Feedback

We understand we are not perfect! We have a lot of fun and joy designing  and we realize we can do better. We often focus on designs that our loyal customers want. If you have a design in mind or simply just want to give us feedback on something else, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via the contact form. We are always open for feedback. Thank you for shopping with us today. STAY BLESSED 🙏..